“Grass-roots organization assembles ed reform protest” (Shreveport Times)

More press coverage of this week’s public action in the Shreveport Times:

Even though Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed sweeping education reforms, parents, teachers and community members say they will not be silenced from expressing their concerns.

The various Caddo Parish residents gathered in front of the Caddo Parish Courthouse on Wednesday after to protest “the privatizing of education” under the voucher and charter school bill approved this legislative session and to announce the formation of a new grass-roots education group tasked with starting a new conversation for real education reforms.

Tamica Harley, a parent with two elementary-aged boys in Caddo schools, said she has been part of an organization that has been challenging its members to think differently about their communities.

“We were asked to look around and see what the issues are that are having an effect on our communities, and in Caddo, the biggest thing now is education,” she said.

Harley said it is easy for the state and districts to expect schools to perform above par when there is 100 percent parent involvement, but there must be more done to address the children whose parents aren’t active in a child’s education.

“Punishing the teacher isn’t the answer nor is privatizing the public education system,” Harley said. “We must come together to fix the problems that ail our communities.”

To read the rest of this article, click here.


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