Teacher T-shirts bashing Jindal scrapped (houmatoday.com)

Apparently, one Louisiana school district’s administrators don’t really have a sense of humor or a complete understanding of the First Amendment:

A group of teachers at Houma Junior High School designed a T-shirt criticizing Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education policies as part of a decade-long, sometimes sarcastic tradition.

Houma Junior High teachers were offered the chance to purchase this T-shirt, but administrators said it was too controversial.

However, school system administrators nixed the shirt, saying recent high-profile debates make the design too controversial.

An order form obtained by The Courier shows a blue T-shirt with white words — the word “Summer” appears on the front, while the words “the ONE thing Bobby hasn’t taken away from us (yet)” appear on the back.

The back also includes a caricature of the governor.

You can read the rest of the story here.  And here’s a graphic showing the t-shirt design published on the newspaper web site:

Jindal T Shirt


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