Oakland school accused of abuse is overbilling taxpayers, records show (California Watch)

Given Louisiana’s history of responsible, accountable, and honest governance, I’m sure this would never happen with Louisiana education reforms involving vouchers, charter schools, etc </sarcasm mode off>:

A West Oakland church school that makes its students ask for money at BART stations appears to have vastly inflated its enrollment numbers to collect extra taxpayer funding, some of which goes to a teacher who former students say physically abused them and other children.

And for years, St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church and private school has operated with virtually no government oversight despite repeated red flags. The K-12 school is run by Robert Lacy, 79, a pastor who pleaded guilty in 2007 to theft of government money for taking his deceased father’s Social Security payments.

Documents and interviews show St. Andrew has inflated its enrollment numbers, allowing school officials to reap tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funding they might not have deserved.

You can read the rest of the story here (hat tip to Hemant Mehta and the Friendly Atheist blog for posting this story).


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