LAE files challenge to vouchers, funding method (

More news on the so-called “school reform” programs pushed by Gov. Jindal …

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana Association of Educators President Joyce Haynes says she and others tried to stop passage of legislation that creates what she terms “an unconstitutional voucher program” at the statehouse, so the next stop was the courthouse.

“We tried to convince the Legislature that the proposed laws were unconstitutional, but they were unmoved by our pleas,” Haynes said Friday. “It’s now time for us to appeal to the courts.”

The LAE lawsuit was filed weeks after the Louisiana Federation of Teachers filed a similar lawsuit against Act 2, which implements the statewide voucher program, among other things.

Later Friday, the two lawsuits were merged into one suit to be heard by 19th Judicial District Judge Timothy Kelley.

You can read the rest of this story online here.


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